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     Sage Farm Antiques is a monthly 3 day show of antique, vintage and re-purposed items, featuring an ever changing assortment including architectural, garden and home décor items that changes monthly. Open the first Friday of the month through Sunday. We are a group shop, with anywhere from 15 to 40 dealers each month depending on the show location.

 The idea for Sage Farm Antiques began in 2001 when I read an article about a shop in Minnesota called Second Hand Rose. The owners, Rose and Jerry, were gracious and accommodating. We spent hours on the phone and they answered every question known to man. Our industry has now coined a term for what we do….it’s called an “occasional sale.” In September of 2001 I was brave and decided to give it a try.

     Back then, convincing people we could run a shop and only be open a few days a month seemed a bit crazy. We live in a 1780 colonial complete with about 2,000 square feet of barn space. I explained the idea to my husband, Jerry (better known as the pilot in command…) and my business partner Wayne Miller and we decided to give it a try. I convinced 15 other dealers to join us and Sage Farm Antiques was born.

     Our philosophy is simple….”Your home is your story, tell it well.”  We have an amazing, talented group of dealers who are devoted to the antique and design industry. At Sage Farm Antiques you can find the things that you feel tell the story of your home, the way you want it told. Antiquing is in our blood and we strive to make your antique shopping experience a joy.

     Initially we were open 10 days a month, then that was reduced to seven and now, in our fifteenth year, we are open the first Friday of each month for three days. Open February through December (closed in September for 2017) we feature different themes and colors at each market.  Each market brings a complete change of stock, so each market is a new show. Large items may stay for two shows, however things get snapped up quickly so you won’t see much overlap at the shows. There is no lay away and we don’t hold items because of the short duration of the market. It’s simple and successful and we enjoy it. We are known for having a wide range of items and great prices. Something for every taste and budget.

     About 5 years ago we began to lease a large old farm, The Rollins building, just around the corner from our original location so that we could hold a February, Cabin Fever Show. The show was so well received and the building is so lovely we did four or five shows a year there. That beautiful old farm has sold and while we are happy for owner we were sad to be in a position to not be able to offer any winter shows. So! For 2017 we have procured an empty storefront with large beautiful windows, all on one level and with a nice open parking area in the Lafayette Plaza in North Hampton. While it isn't the type of building we normally look for when we set up our shows, it does offer us the opportunity to hold winter shows we couldn't hold otherwise. We will hold 3 shows there, February through April and return to our home location of 5 Exeter Road, North Hampton, for our May show. When you check the events calendar you’ll find that we list the location where each market is being held, right in each market description. Be sure to always check there in case of any changes!

      So some things have changed and some have stayed the same. (We are always closed in January!) 16 years later we still put on a great show. Some of the dealers have changed, which is a good thing in the sense that changing dealers means changing looks and design ideas. Some of our current dealers have been with us since the early years. Our partnership still works for us and the dealers who we have the pleasure of working with. Check the event calendar, read the descriptions and choose the one that you feel will add to your story. When you are close to North Hampton, NH come to a show. Heck, come for a day and explore the seacoast antiques scene. We can’t wait to see you at the market!

OPEN 3 DAYS EACH MONTH: 1st Friday of the month - following Sunday

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