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The 10 Best Antique Stores in NH

According to the Best of New Hampsire website: Sage Farm Antiques is not so much a store as it is a stationary market, operating one weekend every month. What they lack in hours they make up for in impact, offering an entirely fresh inventory with each market, as well as a new theme. Dedicated professionals selling quality vintage and antique goods make this pop-up prodigy an easy choice for my list. 


Autumn Spectacular runs through Sunday at Rochester Fairgrounds


Sage Farm Antiques has been listed twice in Flea Market Style Magazine as their readers favorite for Antiques and Vintage in the state of New Hampshire.

Many thanks to our loyal customers for putting us in the lime light and we LOVE Flea Market Style Magazine as well.





OPEN 3 DAYS EACH MONTH: 1st Friday of the month - following Sunday

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