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Beth says "My interest in history and objects from the past began in childhood with time spent in museums, libraries and many other historic sites. The beauty and craftsmanship revealed in a large oriental object I recall as being titled "The Vase of A thousand Faces" opened the door into this wonderful world on antiques. Family time spent at Midwest antique shows and then New England auctions, provided further knowledge and education. I have great respect for the craftsmanship and enduring quality of every day utilitarian objects, furniture, pottery and metal ware. With the flood of inferior quality foreign merchandise so prevalent in today's market, antiques made in the good old USA continue to endure and provide good value. I joined the Sage Farm team 6 years ago and have been introduced to a team of talented antique and vintage dealers with great skills in seeking out beautiful and interesting objects as well as creatively re-purposing antiques. Mixing the old with the re-purposed enables today's customer to have access to merchandise that is functional and fits well with today's decorative style of home. I look forward to providing our customers with interesting, quality items at a great value....and I thank you for your patronage these past 9 years!"

Charlene grew up Massachusetts surrounded by history. Her dad fueled that interest. It intrigued her that different objects and furniture could hold such history and tell such stories. She moved to Chicago in the late 1980's and there she became addicted to attending the Kane County Flea Market every month, rain or shine! In 1992 she moved to New Hampshire and the purchase of a 1750 farmhouse, with 6 fireplaces and many original features allowed her to search for the period pieces with which to fill it. While working for corporate America during the week, weekends found her antiquing in shops and at Flea Markets. She filled that house....then her barn....then she decided she was enjoying it so much, why not become a dealer? That was over 20 years ago! She has made many friends along the way. Charlene joined the Sage family about 4 years ago. When people ask her what she is doing now her response is, "I'm a full time grandmother, part time antique dealer. I love the mix of decades, paint, re-purposing and decorating ideas that Sage Farm offers!"

After spending a combined total of 70 years in the corporate world and retiring on the same day in 2012, Darla and Jeff turned their hobby and interest in all things vintage into a job they love. They enjoy rummaging through attics and barns and turning someone else's junk into new treasures. They especially like that their quest to find these treasures allows them to travel, meet new people and make new friends.

Deb was working at Tufts University in the late 70's in the Dean's office. She says, "My office manager was into antiques and asked me if I wanted to go to Brimfield with her. I didn't know what Brimfield was but I went and OMG I was hooked! I knew what I wanted to do! Then, when I moved to NH in the early 1990's I started working at auctions as a runner and also as set up the auctions for preview. Shortly after I opened a small group shop with my mother in law in the Stratham/Exeter area for about 12 years. I am currently a dealer in 3 group shops, still work for about 5 different auctioneers and several antique shops. In addition to this I run an Antique Flea Market in Dover, NH with about 35 participating dealers. I celebrate my 10th anniversary in 2016! It's a great show and I still love what I do!"

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Sharyl has been in the antique business 24 years this year, with her business partner Wayne Miller. Sharyl's husband Jerry enjoys his Cessna 172 Hawk XP much more than he enjoys antiquing. Planes are considered antique at 50 years of age and his plane was born in 1977 so Sharyl can't wait until he owns an antique himself. Meanwhile, the monthly market that is Sage Farm Antiques has been running successfully for 15 years. Sharyl considers herself blessed to be in an ever changing, interesting line of work that allows her the freedom to set her own hours and meet a bevy of wonderful folks, both customers and fellow dealers alike.

Wayne Miller met Sharyl and Jerry Murphy 24 years ago this year and an antique partnership made in heaven was born. Wayne is a very talented craftsman who uses his ideas to create re-purposed potting benches, cupboards, farm tables, benches and more. When he's not crafting wonderful things he's traveling the New England region looking for the supplies to have on hand for new creations and helping to run our sister store Cattail Farm Antiques in Wells, Maine.

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