Thom and Sue O'Leary

Thom and Sue O\'Leary

The O'Learys have been with Sage Farm since the beginning. Susan and Thom started collecting before they were married in Massachusetts in 1967. Susan's first antique show as a dealer was at a church show in September of 1966 and there were dozens more country shows to follow. Thom served in active duty from 1966-1970. This created collecting opportunities outside of New England. When Thom was discharged they had a surplus of furniture for their first house in Andover, Mass. Voila! Back on the country show circuit. By the early 1980's the antiquing trend shifted to antique co-ops where dealers could share overhead costs and floor time under one roof. Thom and Susan had to make many adjustments along the way to compete with an influx of antique reproductions and then the internet. They have learned that what was once HOT and selling at a good price is no longer in vogue and sells for a fraction of what it once did. Thom says, "The journey is the thrill of the hunt filled with travel, good meals and surprise finds. It's a wonderful disease, especially for two who enjoy doing things together. After 5 decades we are still in the game and loving it just as much as when we started."